The following consolidated set of definitions is drawn from the HRS and the HRS Guidance Manual (Section 7.1): geologic formations as aquifers, Edwards aquifer, the Edwards aquifer, the upper zone of the Trinity aquifer, and the middle zone of the Trinity aquifer. The commission is also working on a strategic plan to manage the aquifer for the long term. Therefore, what happens to groundwater at one spot can easily affect the aquifer at another. For instance, if you wanted to display only the Ogallala Aquifer, you'd create a query that said AQ_NAME (the field for aquifer names) is equal to High Plains aquifer (another name for the Ogallala Aquifer). If the water table is relatively close to the surface, a well can be dug by hand or with an excavator, but in most cases we need to use a drill to go down deep enough. Example: alluvial sediments or deposits (usually composed of gravel, sand, silt and/or clay), as found within reach of present-day or former stream systems. History of National Aquifer Code: First publication of the core of the national aquifer list in a comprehensive manner was the Ground-Water Atlas of the United States (HA 730 A-H), published in 13 chapters over the period 1990-1999, James A. Miller, editor. Information and translations of aquifer in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions … Double-click aquifrp025. The Pecan Gap Formation (Taylor Group), Austin Group, Eagle Ford Group, Buda Limestone, and Del Rio Clay are generally considered to be the upper confining unit to the Edwards aquifer. 2 words related to aquifer: geological formation, formation. Aquifer What are synonyms for Aquifers? For example, the Ogallala Aquifer — a vast, 174,000 square-mile (450,000 square kilometers) groundwater reservoir — supplies almost one-third of … Meaning of aquifer. Once complete the aquifer will be able to supply water to various dams if there is a need. Antonyms for Aquifers. In the Layer Properties window, click the Definition Query tab. Synonyms (Other Words) for Aquifer & Antonyms (Opposite Meaning) for Aquifer. An aquifer is an underground bed of earth, gravel or porous stone that stores water. Aquifers: Map of the Principal Aquifers of the United States The areal and vertical location of the major aquifers is fundamental to the determination of groundwater availability for the Nation. An aquifer is a body of rock and/or sediment that holds groundwater.Groundwater is the word used to describe precipitation that has infiltrated the soil beyond the surface and collected in empty spaces underground.. Synonyms for Aquifers in Free Thesaurus. Definition of aquifer in the dictionary. There are two general types of aquifers: confined and unconfined. Geological term, indicating an origin related to terrestrial flowing surface water. What does aquifer mean? 14.3 Groundwater Extraction Except in areas where groundwater comes naturally to the surface at a spring (a place where the water table intersects the ground surface), we have to construct wells in order to extract it. The term "aquifer" is not defined in the HRS, nor are several other key terms whose understanding is required in order to properly evaluate the ground water pathway.

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