FLOCERT and UTZ Certified collaborate for sustainable South African rooibos herb trade by Market Insider. UTZ certified cocoa products are available in 108 countries worldwide, and five of the top ten chocolate manufacturers, including Nestlé, Ferrero, Hershey and Mars have committed to buy 100% certified cocoa. X. UTZ CERTIFIED & Fair Trade.....60 XI. According to UTZ, UTZ Certified stands for sustainable farming and … To date, only about 5% of cocoa comes from a fair trade certified farm. TransFair USA has been administering the Fair Trade Certified label since 1998. farms meet comprehensive standards covering all aspects of production, You can find Fair Trade coffee as part of our everyday offerings and more than 100 certified cocoa products throughout our everyday and ALDI Finds items. These enterprises transform local communities, pioneer upcycling, empower women, champion refugee rights and practice organic farming. First and foremost, it’s important to understand that certifications are all voluntary, and they don’t simply earn farmers more money (though that is ultimately th… The theoretical component is focused on UTZ certification characteristics, determining essential terms, identifying commodities and conditions for its growing within the UTZ Certified. Having this certification for our civet coffee helps to makes a decent working conditions for farmers in Philippines. Table 2 Estimated volumes of third party certified ‘sustainable coffee’ sold in 2006 Standard Volume (60kg bags) Fair trade 833,000 Organic 1,152,000 Our product is the only Fair Trade certified Philippine civet coffee. This topic challenges the concepts of fair trade and aid. Utz emphasises training of farmers and the fight against child labour. Fair Trade USA’s mission is to also educate consumers who are concerned about the state of the world as well as to invest time to look for opportunities in hopes of making a positive difference. This means not just paying them more in the short term, but also helping them improve their skills, build up their communities, and protect the local environment so its resources will be there for future generations.Organizations involved in Fair Trade, including Fair Trade USA and the Fair Trade Federation, have outlined several basic principles for both buyers and sellers to follow:1. Labeling your products as UTZ certified attracts socially conscious buyers, retailers and consumers. I just deleted the reference to Fair Trade - Utz Kapeh is actually a distinctly different certification program with quite different standards. Reference to Fair Trade. Fair Trade Enterprises are born for impact. Organic, Fair Trade, RFA and Utz Certified coffee They impact 1m livelihoods, 74% of whom are women. Van Houten Fairtrade Choco Drink boasts a harmonious combination of Fairtrade cocoa powder and carefully selected Fairtrade sugar for a smooth and full-bodied dark chocolate taste of 22% cocoa. Tea market leaders all dabble in organic and Fair Trade but certify most of their tea lands under the Rainforest Alliance sustainability program. Furthermore, SanoRice is also able to produce UTZ certified chocolate cakes. Clarissa Cassels on Utz certified. If one third of this is Fair Trade, that will be over 66,000 metric tons of Fair Trade cocoa! Utz Purpose - Snack Better Our founders, Bill & Salie Utz, thought snacks should be better. Other certifications bodies such as UTZ Certified, Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade USA, have no minimum price or fixed premium. An announcement from a major chocolatier is giving social justice advocates something to smile about. (15) 2.1 million hectares of cocoa were UTZ-certified in 2016, or almost 21% of the global cocoa area. Read more about the labels you’ll find on UTZ certified cocoa products. Under both systems, certified cooperatives receive a minimum price per pound, with an additional premium if the coffee is also certified organic. Fair Trade certified cooperative vendors receive a minimum price per pound, with an additional premium if the coffee is also certified organic. Nidar is among the first chocolate companies in the world that only buys sustainable cocoa. FloCert – Fair Trade USA – Fair Trade Int’l - Fair Trade Federation – UTZ Certified – Fair For Life Above are the fair trade organizations I found in a 5 minute Google search…all private standards and all private non-profits. The attention is paid also to trading under fair trade conditions and regarding standards under Fairtrade and WFTO. A key feature of the UTZ Certified label is that UTZ Certified coffee is traced from grower to roaster. UTZ certified UTZ Certified wants sustainable farming to become the most natural thing in the world. Each of these organizations has their own standards (rules), their own audit process, and most… This means that 200,000 tons will be certified as free of the worst forms of child labor, which is what UTZ, Rainforest Alliance, and Fair Trade safeguard against. This hot chocolate drink is UTZ certified, which makes it the sustainable choice! This article sounds heavily biased... sounds like PR talk to me. In addition, producers receive the Fair trade Premium above the purchase price that farmers democratically invest according to their priorities. Fair trade 53 Utz Certified 25 Rainforest Alliance 106 Organic coffee 15 Source: www.thecoffeeguide.org The estimated volumes of sustainable coffee sold in 2006 are presented in table 2. From cocoa to tea, food and drink giants are setting their own standards for ethical sourcing of raw materials, moving away from third-party labels such as Fairtrade. We are the global certifier for Fairtrade.We support sustainable businesses and make global trade fairer.We ensure whole supply chains are built on fair practices and help producers, traders and brands become truly sustainable. If all farms were Fair Trade from the beginning, then we wouldn't be in this mess. Under Fair Trade USA, independent producers and estates can gain certification. REPLY FROM UTZ First off I should let you know that UTZ Certified is not actually a part of Fairtrade. One of the most common questions that gets asked about coffee certifications in general is what requirements need to be met to achieve the mark, and, ultimately, why a producer or producer group would go through what often can seem like the rigamarole it takes to earn that stamp. Not requiring farms to be co-ops, though, makes the pathway for moving from ‘regular trade’ to fair trade much clearer under UTZ than Fairtrade™, meaning that there is probably a much wider scope for uptake. Organic (biologisch) is a separate scheme … UTZ certified coffee is sold in North America, Europe, and Japan, in nearly fifty nations. This is wonderful and Slave Free Chocolate is VERY pro Fair Trade. Fair Trade offers consumers a powerful way to reduce poverty through their every day shopping. That’s not necessarily unreasonable, but, given that UTZ is a pretty non-transparent certification, it does make me a little nervous. UTZ aims to create a world where sustainable farming is the norm; where farmers implement good agricultural practices and manage their farms profitably with respect for people and planet. Utz Quality Foods, Inc. / ˈ ʌ t s /, more commonly known as Utz, is a large snack food company. Once the U.S. member of the international system, it resigned in early 2012 and is now independent. Fair trade is a simple way to make a difference to the lives of the people who grow the things we love. Again, there is no minimum price. | The Rainforest Alliance and UTZ have recently merged in response to the critical challenges facing humanity: deforestation, climate change, systemic poverty, and social inequity. UTZ Certified is a program and a label for sustainable farming. The Fairtrade Premium, paid on top of the selling price, is fixed at $200 per MT. Based in Hanover, Pennsylvania, the company produces a wide variety of potato chips, pretzels, and other snacks, with most distribution being limited to the eastern United States. UTZ Certified | 13,523 followers on LinkedIn | UTZ is a label and program for sustainable coffee, cocoa, tea and hazelnut, part of the Rainforest Alliance. UTZ certified growers and handlers embrace sustainable business practices by protecting the environment, implementing fair labor practices and improving traceability throughout their supply chains. The fair trade model differed from traditional development instruments in that they sought to improve the standard of living in developing UTZ Certified tea grew by 58% compared to Fairtrade which grew 18% and organic certified tea which grew by 6% during the same period. Fair trade is better than aid, to combat forced and child labour. Cadbury proclaimed its popular Dairy Milk chocolate bar sold in the U.K. will now contain 100 percent Fair Trade certified cocoa, harvested sustainably from farms in Ghana. Discuss. In 2010, Nidar undertook to comply with the international ethical trading scheme, UTZ Certified, and originally intended to achieve the target of 100 percent certified cacao by 2015. KingCoffee International. In addition, producers receive the Fairtrade Premium … Rainforest Alliance tea certifications grew 61% from 2008-2012. Fair Trade Certified Rainforest Alliance Smithsonian Bird Friendly® Utz Certified 4 C Common Code represented nearly 3 percent of the total U.S. green coffee imports in 2007* TransFair USA. The price and premium is negotiated. The UTZ system includes a premium, an additional cash amount paid above the market price, but leaves buyers to negotiate the amount. They thought snacks should be made from clean, simple ingredients, minimally processed to bring out the natural flavor of farm-grown potatoes. The goal of Fair Trade is to reduce poverty for farmers and workers in developing countries. For cocoa and coffee, this amounts to approximately 21% and 5.2% respectively of the total surface area of all cocoa and coffee grown worldwide. In 2016, UTZ certified 2.1 million hectares of cocoa, 567,000 hectares of coffee and 68,000 hectares of tea. The aim of this debate is to challenge the two concepts as tools for ... UTZ Certified - An ethical certification scheme: www.utzcertified.org. We are a separate sustainability program and label – the largest in the world for coffee and cocoa. They are social enterprises that fully practice Fair Trade. Fair Trade Certified. In 2017, UTZ reached 750,000 cocoa farmers or 15% of all cocoa farmers worldwide. Now the target has been reached two years before the stated deadline. PASCHA is committed to sourcing Fair Trade certified ingredients, helping to ensure that our economy supports people and their communities. These products have easy-to-spot Fairtrade, Fair Trade USA, Rainforest Alliance Certified or UTZ labels on the packaging. They are two development models that both aim to reduce poverty. See link for more info.Quebecois1983 09:42, 13 July 2006 (UTC) NPOV Concerns.

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